Salitair Review


Salitair Review

Salt therapy healing properties for several conditions and diseases have been known for centuries.

The benefits it provides to the respiratory system are particularly impressive and that’s why a lot of people around the world still visit Eastern Europe salt mines for treatment every year.

However, since most of us don’t have the possibility of visiting salt mines, scientists have developed what we call a salt pipe, a tool that you can used to get all the benefits of salt therapy in the comfort of your home.

Out of all the salt pipe options out there, there’s one brand that clearly stands out – Salitair. This is by far the best salt pipe you can find in the market and was even showcased on the TV show “This Morning” of ITV.

Below I’ve written a little Salitair review so you can learn everything that there is to know about this salt pipe.

What is the Salitair all about?

Salitair is a reasonably new salt pipe in the market but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s far better than any other salt pipe brand for a couple of reasons:

  • Cheaper than any other brand
  • Only refillable salt pipe in the market
  • Highly hygienic and long life span
  • No side effects and clinically proven

The quality and effectiveness is so great that the product was even showcased on the “This Morning” TV show of ITV as a recommendation from Dr. Chris Steele. Take a look:

By using Salitair salt pipe you will be enjoying salt therapy in a modern way.

All the benefits that you would get by visiting a salt mine you can now bring to the comfort of your home simply by breathing through the Salitair for 15 minutes per day.

How does Salitair work?

The process behind Salitair is fairly simple to understand.

As you breathe through the pipe you inhale and exhale micro-particles of salt. This particles pass through your respiratory system and cleanse it.

And this is yet again something else where Salitair excels when compared to competitor brands.

Since Salitair is a refillable, you can change your salt whenever needed to ensure hygiene and to maintain an optimum performance level.

Does Salitair work?

Yes it does. But don’t let me be the only one telling you that and take a look at the following testimonials:

Salitair Testimonial 4

Salitair Testimonial 3

Salitair Testimonial 2

Is Salitair safe to use?

Unlike steroid inhalers, Salitair is 100% natural (only ingredient is salt) so there are no side effects by using it what so ever.

What are the main benefits of using Salitair?

Salitair benefits are exactly the same ones that you would get in a therapeutic salt mine, with the main difference being the fact that you get them in the comfort of your home and a lot more often.

By breathing through Salitair salt pipe during 15 minutes a day you will improve your symptoms in several respiratory system conditions including the following ones:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • COPD
  • Hay fever
  • Sinusitis
  • Snoring

To sum it up, you will:

  • Breathe easier
  • Sleep better
  • Cleanse your respiratory system
  • Improve your condition symptoms

Where can I buy Salitair?

Salitair can be bought online from its official website –

A single pack will cost just £19.95 and come with:

  • 1 Inhaler
  • 1 bottle of 220g of salt
  • 1 instructions booklet

It’s also worth noticing that if you want to get Salitair for more than one person, the multi pack options have discounts available that will save you some money.

In order to maintain your salt at maximum performance, you will have to refill it once in a while (usually every 6 months). Salitair makes this easy by providing refills that start at just £6.95.

It’s also worth noticing that there’s a day 30 day money back guarantee in place if you aren’t happy with the product and that it will usually be delivered to you within 24-48h.

Click Here To Visit Salitair Official Site


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    • Hi Sue,

      If you already have high quality rock salt at home then you can use that for sure.

      However, bear in mind it’s composition (as mine rock salt is fairly unique – reason why it provides such good results). If you want specifics look for the following in labels: NaCL 99%, Ca/Mg 0.3%, SO4 0.7% max.

      Other than that, make sure it is 100% natural as most supermarket salt options contain a bunch of additives that will reduce the results you get with Salitair.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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